Medior Software Engineer

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Medior Software Engineer

At Quantoz we're looking for a Medior Software Engineer to join our team.


About the job

You will be part of the Quantoz development team. Together with the team, you are responsible for delivering a high-quality software service to our clients.

This is an ideal job for a developer with a few years of experience, who is ready for a medior position. You will be responsible for the development of our internationally recognized software NEXUS, a cloud platform for processing and managing token and crypto transactions. You make sure the platform runs 24/7. In addition, you will work on custom projects for clients and provide advice. Another important part of the job is mentoring your more junior colleagues.

We use C# and other .NET related technologies like ASP.NET Core to program our APIs and web-based applications (if you F# |> <3, that’s OK).

To be as agile as possible, everything is cloud-based on either Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS, which allows us to work anywhere, anytime. For streamlining our development process, we like to use GitLab or Jira. Security is a top priority for us.

Oh and we speak English and Dutch.

About you

We are looking for someone with:

  • A relevant degree on HBO/WO level, for example Software & Information Engineering or Computer Science;
  • About 3 years of experience in software development;
  • Experience with C# and other .NET related technologies;
  • A mind for secure engineering;
  • Fluent in English, both spoken and written. It would be great if you speak and write German as well;
  • Ability to prioritize and motivate team members;
  • Someone responsible, independent, inquisitive, and fun to work with!
  • We use C# and other .NET related technologies like ASP.NET Core to program our APIs and web-based applications (if you F# |> <3, that’s OK).

Our culture

At Quantoz, you have an IMPACT. Your contributions are meaningful. We value open minds and out-of-the-box thinking. Designing is an important part of the work and is done by everyone.

You will have a lot of FREEDOM to execute your work in a way you think best. There is room to experiment with new technologies and methods. With this freedom comes a lot of responsibility, of course.

Above all, we like to have FUN! We like to celebrate our team’s successes and have (virtual) drinks together on Friday afternoons. You will have plenty of opportunities to learn new things.

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Do you want to join our team as our new Medior Software Engineer? Then we'd love to hear about you!