Build the future of finance with us!

Working at Quantoz means being part of an organization that challenges the status Quo of finance. Located in Utrecht's vibrant start-up hub, our diverse team develops cloud services that enable businesses to benefit from the disruptive blockchain technology. We're driven by a shared enthusiasm for transformative innovation and rapidly changing markets due to decentralization and technological developments.

If you are excited about the opportunities of blockchain technology to create better services and a better world, Quantoz is the one for you!

Our core values.

Work as a team

We work together as a team. We believe we achieve more when we work together so we can be successful and make an impact. For us, working together means taking responsibility and sharing knowledge to reach our common goals. We are a diverse group of people and embrace and respect our differences.

Be Curious

We are curious, ask why and are not afraid to fail. We are always looking for a broader perspective and are open to continuous improvement and change by challenging ourselves and others.

Get stuff done

We have a drive to deliver. We keep our agreements and promises and strive to earn the trust of those that we collaborate with, by seeking to understand others. We actively manage expectations, use direct and clear communication and are committed to finish what we started!

E-money license

We are one of the few institutions allowed to operate and offer electronic money services.


At our office, we form a colorful mix of people and cultures, with at the moment five different nationalities represented!


We process over 100.000 transactions per day on public blockchains

If Quantoz was a person.

" A very intelligent person - block chain is hard."

" A good listener - it is easy communicating with either managers as colleagues. You can talk and discuss everything."

"Stubborn in the positive sense of the word."